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Interview: Harnessing the Power of Color in a Values-Driven World - Conversation with graphic design Margo Stoney on color psychology and the importance of color for mission-driven brands.

Podcast: Creatives in the Wild - Episode 13: How Color Designer + Strategist Dawn Rae Knoth Cultivates Long-Term Client Relationships through Meaningful Processes

Article: Gear Patrol - Trend Report highlighting the 2023 color work I did for Hydro Flask.

Interview: OXO - Interview about the inspiration behind my color strategy for OXO's Strive collection.

Advisory Panel: Outdoors Are For Everyone - Member of the advisory panel for this Polartec campaign.

Podcast: Change The Stat - Episode 2: Career Journey of Color Designer + Trend Strategist Dawn Rae Knoth.

Podcast: Outside By Design - Episode 103: Color Tells a Story with Dawn Rae Knoth - Color, Trend, + Merchandising Expert.

Podcast: Day Fire - Episode 193: We Love Bikepacking with Dawn Rae Knoth. The first part of interview focuses on my color + trend work.

Article: Forbes - Best Holiday Gifts for Women Skiers (Men Too) article features the Daphne hat I designed for Stio.

"Dawn Rae and I met through Sitka a couple years ago. From our very first collaboration, I was impressed by her keen eye for detail and her ability to bring out the essence of our brand through color. Her creativity and expertise have consistently transformed our Everyday Sportswear line into captivating visual stories. Dawn Rae doesn't just apply trend direction and concepts; she has the ability to craft visual narratives that speak emotion and engagement to our end users.

What sets Dawn Rae apart is her dedication to understanding the project's unique requirements and her commitment to delivering the best results. She’s also reliable and efficient collaborator who goes the extra mile to meet deadlines and ensure our satisfaction.

Beyond her technical skills, Dawn Rae is truly a pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude, willingness to experiment, and collaborative spirit make every project super enjoyable. I highly recommend Dawn Rae to anyone in search of a talented professional who can not only meet but exceed expectations. Her work continually breathes life and vibrancy into our projects, and I eagerly anticipate our future collaborations.​​​​​​​
- Amy, Sitka
"Dawn Rae is a maven of design mojo. Her talent for discerning the intangibles of "cool" is why she matters. Her work culminates into a clear, substantiated point-of-view delivered with confidence and a steady hand. My collaboration with Dawn Rae was truly one of the best experiences of my professional career. The work we created together was everything design should be. Would I recommend her? Hell yeah!"
- James, JDK Design
"When I say she is great, I do mean that she is the best person I've worked with on color in the last 30 years."
- Dave, Grundens
"Can we all agree that color is deeply emotional and product color strategy is complex? When color and merchandising are done well, it is a powerful and strategic advantage. You know when you’ve seen it even if it’s hard to explain.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dawn Rae and would highly recommend her. Dawn Rae is able to look into the future to forecast trends and color directions, while factoring in brand voice and consumer insights, to develop unique and compelling color palettes. Even more importantly, Dawn Rae is able to collaborate with the brand business partners to dovetail this into cohesive seasonal color assortments that speak to consumers but also consider the implications that matter to product planners.

Dawn Rae is a seasoned expert in color, trend, and strategy, and if you’re lucky enough to get the chance to partner with her, you won’t be disappointed."
- Joe, Hydro Flask 
"I recommend Dawn Rae for all your color needs. I have worked with her in some capacity over the past 10 years and more recently to help us define our S25 palette. It was a large lift and a near complete renovation of color stories. Dawn Rae helped us engineer color within our parameters while selecting palettes for different product groups. Thanks again, Dawn Rae!!"
- Tim, Mystery Ranch
"It's rare to come across someone with the talents of Dawn Rae. I've worked with her over the last 15+ years through a wide range projects. She has the uncanny ability to continually and accurately look into the future, as well as the detailed ability to present her findings. I will always view Dawn Rae as a resource to any design department."
- Jeff, Marmot + Brooks-Range Mountaineering
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