Hi! I'm Dawn Rae. 

I am a Color Designer + Trend Forecaster who has been consulting with brands for over 20 years. I work across multiple industries: active and outdoor, tech, housewares, consumer goods, apparel, and footwear. 

I believe the most meaningful connections are built around shared values and experiences, and I aim to create that felt sense in all my work. 

I love what I do and how it combines multiple things that excite and fascinate me: art, pattern recognition, math, human behavior, emotional landscapes, curiosity, science.

At its core, the goal of my work is to strengthen the relationship between a client's brand and their community. First, by forecasting and explaining what future cultural and lifestyle trends will affect the priorities and preferences of their community. And then, by showing how this knowledge can be used in the design and implementation of color palettes, products, experiences, and stories.

If you're interested in working together or just want to say hello, reach out. Any curiosities, questions, or ideas you have – I'd love to hear. Let’s work together to build connection and purpose in our world.

You can reach me at knoth@dawnrae.com.

Outside of work, you will find me in nature, trying to get to genius level on NYTimes Spelling Bee, making homemade pizza, or listening to podcasts that unpack the human experience. 

Bikepacking is my biggest outdoor love – my husband, son, and I have been going on year-round adventures since our little guy was four. It is my steady source of renewal, challenge, and awe. 

I sponsor and volunteer with both Oregon Timber Trail and Meissner Nordic – two organizations that envision, create, and safeguard trails and access in some of my favorite places to play.

And, I am a board member, volunteer, and community event planner for Family Kitchen, a local Central Oregon organization that serves those in our area experiencing food insecurity and homelessness.

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