Designing a holistic, creative vision for you.

For over two decades, I have partnered with a range of companies, providing the creative strategy that garners tangible results. I design the vision that links left-brained needs - features, performance, data, goals - to the visceral, emotional response that drives people to choose a product, a brand, a lifestyle. It is a balance of art, science, and the necessary logistics and restrictions of running a business. 
Each project scope is tailored to the unique needs and process of my client. Below are some of the key deliverables I provide. ​​​​​​​
Providing a window into the future heart and mind of your customers, trend direction shows the influences, challenges, and cultural shifts relevant to your brand and product space. This insight serves as a compass to inspire design, innovate processes, and develop meaningful connections with your consumers. 

A successful merchandising plan brings a product line to life. It visually communicates the seasonal story for your brand, connecting with your consumers on shared values and vision. It outlines color cadence, purpose, quantities, and targeted user, weaving together an impactful collection that increases consumer engagement and adheres to business needs.  
People make product purchasing decisions in the first 90 seconds. Color makes up 90% of that decision. Nailing color is critical. Color palettes are designed with both the subjective, emotional responses of customers in mind, as well as the factual nature of inventory management, material limitations, MOQs, and product longevity.

Surface design is an opportunity to showcase brand personality and tie-in seasonal themes in a tangible way. I design graphics for a variety of end-users and products from placement prints to yarn dyes to all-over repeats, jacquard webbing to knit hats, bike jerseys to socks, clothing to footwear. 
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