I love what I do. 
Since 2002, I have partnered with a range of companies, providing trend, color, and merchandising services that garner tangible results. I focus on creating the strategy that links left-brained needs - features, performance, data, goals - to the visceral, emotional response that drives us to choose a product, a brand, a lifestyle. It is a balance of art, science, and the necessary logistics and restrictions of running a business.
Outside of the studio, I love playing in the wild. Most dear to me is bikepacking with my husband and son, exploring dusty trails, winding creeks, and the night sky. It is the fuel that inspires and gives purpose to my work.

I'd love to learn about you, your brand, and what you do. 
Any questions, give me a shout or fill out the form below. Looking forward to connecting. 

knoth [at] dawnrae [dot] com
Thank you!
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